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Corporate Structures

It is paramount that the structure you choose to operate your trading business or investments from is correct from the beginning. If you have to change your structure after settlement or after you have been trading for a period, it can potentially become a very costly exercise. Our extensive experience in setting up corporate and investment structures will ensure you have the right structure for your operations from day one. We can assist with the set up and establishment of Companies, Trusts, Self Managed Superannuation Funds and Partnership structures. Along with corporate and investment structures and entities, our team can also review your Intellectual Property, its ownership structure and whether or not it is appropriately protected.

Receive a free no obligation review of your current trading or investment structure

Budgets & Cashflows

Do you ever feel like you are treading water in your business financially? Do you sometimes feel like you are just constantly paying out money to the ATO or to creditors? These are common problems that many business owners face. Some operational expenditure is unavoidable and necessary, but a lot of business expenditure can be controlled if not eliminated. Often it is just a matter of better managing your cashflow. Our skilled advisers can sit with you, analyse your business expenditure and formulate a Budget or Cashflow report to assist you with the management and control of your expenditure and cashflow. By providing you with regular reporting in an easy to read format with ongoing monitoring, we can help you get your business finances back on track.cted.

Virtual CFO

As a business grows and expands the financials and the financial management of the business operations can become complex in a short space of time. Due to the high cost of a full time CFO, most Australian small businesses do not have the right optics in place when it comes to their own financials. Hiring a Spire Strategic Virtual CFO on our fixed pricing model will provide you with in depth monthly reporting that will provide you with amazing insights into the financial performance and make up of your business.

Your Spire Strategic Virtual CFO Partner will integrate the experience and expertise of a senior financial resource with the practical proficiency of a solution based business owner.

Our Virtual CFO package includes, but is not limited to the following:

Analysis and interpretation of financial reports

Review of KPIs
and benchmarks

Oversight of the business’ finance function

Insight into business operations

Budgeting and forecasting

Performance management support

Review of risk exposures

Budgeting and forecasting

Performance management support

Review of risk exposures

All the above provided for a fixed monthly fee and provided in easy to read user friendly online or PDF reports. This can also be combined with our book keeping or compliance packages to ensure your entire accounting and compliance function is managed with the certainty of a fixed monthly fee. Download a sample report

QBCC Compliance

If you are operating in the building and construction industry in Queensland, you are required to hold a valid QBCC licence. We can assist with Contractor and Corporate Licence applications, preparation of your Minimum Financial Reports and Deed of Covenant should you not meet your minimum Net Tangible Asset requirements under your relevant licence.

Buying or Selling a Business

Are you considering the prospect of buying or selling a business? What is the business worth? Do you have a valuation? Without proper Due Diligence being completed, you may pay too much or worse still, sell your own business for too little. Either option can spell financial distress or devastation.

If you are looking to purchase a new business, our skilled advisers can complete a thorough Due Diligence of the vendor’s business financials to determine if you are paying a fair and equitable price for your new asset.

Similarly, if you are looking at selling your business or considering an exit strategy, Spire Strategic can assist in getting your business ‘sale ready’ so you can maximise your return on sale or exit. Our trusted advisers will provide an honest opinion and feedback on your business value and its potential for sale.


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